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Our mission with Project: Warcry will be to create a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for the PC that is familiar and easy to pick up for new players but also have a huge amount of depth that can keep advanced players interested. To do this we will inherent features from previous games and combine them with new features unique to Warcry. Players can go through the game with a basic soldier + tank build order with limited upgrades and ability use or take full advantage of every option they have. Warcry will encompass successful RTS systems and fresh indie ideas that the commercial games would typically avoid. Many modern RTS games aim for the straight forward approach of either hardcore or casual. The problem with this is that casual RTS games die too soon and the hardcore ones only collect a small fan base. What we want is a game that provides a simple race that has little micro and designed around the new player’s favorite style of play: Turtling. At the same time we will also have a race that is huge on micro management but just as powerful in the hands of an experienced player and designed around hitting the enemy… hard! In other words, each race will be designed for skill levels rather than having all races easy/boring or complicated/intimidating. Innovation in games is a great thing but proven archetypes and features are proven for a reason. That is why we will incorporate many classic features such as resource gathering, fog of war and the age old base building. Our long term goal is that Project: Warcry will establish a successful intellectual property for Elseware Entertainment. Writers and artist will work together to build a deep and rich universe that will build a strong fan base that will follow future releases in the series. This will be the main franchise of our company and has to be created around a universe that can be expanded and built upon to whatever we can imagine. In Conclusion, project: Warcry will be an RTS game that separates itself from similar games by having:

  • A deep and fascinating universe that has the depth to engross players in but not force it upon them through tiresome cut scenes and dialogue. Show the player; don’t tell the player!
  • A simple split tech tree that allows players to have different experiences each game and unlimited paths based on the community and developer support.
  • Unique resource system that allows players to collect resources anywhere or scour the map for hotspots.
  • Players can equip squads and units with wargear to make them more effective and build player attachment
  • Upgrades and abilities for all squads and units.
  • Unique races that have individual play styles and special attributes.
  • Simple leveling up system that gives rewards for keeping units alive.
  • Commanders who are capable of turning the tide of battle with extraordinary abilities.
  • Super units that can break the back of an enemy force.
  • Super weapons that can destroy entire bases but require skill rather than tech advancement.
  • Unique phase advancement system that puts teching directly in the player’s hands.
  • Unique power system that controls population and reduces build time.
  • Beautifully crafted worlds and units for players to enjoy on their way to victory or defeat.
  • Proven and accepted archetypes combined with modified features for a new but familiar RTS experience.
  • A community emphasis where modders can create their own races and paths to be submitted to Elseware Entertainment and possibly added to future expansions.


In Earth Year 2998, five great powers have come to the Orin System to wage war. Their motives are varied, ranging from the obvious to the inscrutable.

To learn more about the epic events taking place in the galaxy as our game begins, read Project: Warcry's backstory.


In Project: Warcry players can take control of three powerful races. Learn more about them here.

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